Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boots: Part Deux

I took back the last ones. They just weren't going to ever work out.

Went back to REI and spent a few hours trying on different boots yesterday. Well, actually, I only tried on one pair, but I tried a couple of different sizes, and then went and borrowed a pack and put 25 lbs. in it and walked around shopping. Then I climbed their little rock that they have in the shoe department. And I basically tried to test out how these new boots were going to work out for me. And I think I may have a winner. They are from a company called Vasque, and they are full grain leather instead of a leather/cloth hybrid. That does mean that they are going to take forever to break in, so I better waterproof them and start going on short walks pretty soon if I want them to be comfy for my summer of hiking.

In other news, I keep having trouble getting myself to bed early enough that 4 am is acceptable for getting up and going to the gym. I guess it's time to really buckle down and exert my willpower to get in bed by 9 at the very latest. *yawn*

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  1. Glad to hear about the boots, try and find "mink oil" for the waterproofing.. hope you can find it. Try a hot tea at supper or just after... should relax you to get to sleep.