Friday, February 19, 2010

The Numbers Behind the Project OR My Nerdiness

As I read through the book, I compiled a list of the numbers and statistics for each hike with the information provided by the authors, including elevation gain, difficulty (on a 1-4 scale), miles traveled(minimum and maximum) and expected time of each hike(also min. and max.), and where the trail head was located.

Then I went one step further and put it into a spreadsheet so I could play with the information as i wanted. I've just figured out that using their numbers, it will be between 504.75 and 655 miles when I'm done; as well as somewhere between 344 and 600 hours if I walk at their pace. Which, at my current level of fitness, I know I couldn't do.

Which brings up my health-iness. I know that I'm packing 20-30 lbs of extra weight, and I've led a fairly sedentary life for a few years neither of which is conducive to a massive physical undertaking. And so to that end I have joined a gym and have been doing 30-4- minutes on the elliptical at least 3 times a week to try and get my endurance up, and I have been dieting and eating better to try and get my weight down. I've got a few months before I'm planning to really hit the trails really hard, so hopefully I can get in better shape by then. Who knows, maybe a few winter hikes will help get me there a little quicker.

Though those numbers put the Chilkoot Trail that I'm planning for in September into a lot of perspective. If I get this Project done by then, the Chilkoot should be a walk in the park.

We shall see...


  1. Remember to seek a doctors ok for this strenuis activity. Your mind and parts of your body may say yes, but other parts my say NOOOOO... please do it safely and am ready to read more.


  2. You *are* a Nerd - but look at all the cool information you got from your affliction. =)

    Way to go on the elliptical - I'm barely at 30 minutes and still not 3x a week. Something to work up to, I guess...